Running Shoes 101 | Are You Wearing the Right Shoe?

running outsideRunning is the most addictive thing to do. I bow down to the addiction of running. It clears my head, relieves stress, and keeps me in shape. Purchasing the correct running shoes is an investment that will keep your body in better condition but improve your overall comfort while running. You can be applying as much force as eight times your body weight when you strike the ground during running. So having the right shoe can maximize your body’s ability to absorb that impact. There are three feet types that impact how you purchase running shoes. Today, I want to talk about these foot types and what kinds of shoes are best for them.

Neutral Arch

The neutral/normal arch has a distinct connection between the heel and front. The arch is not too flat nor high. The perfect shoe for this foot is a performance shoe. This shoe is typically not all that expensive. Great shoes for this are the Asics GT2160, Mizuno Wave Creation, or even the Nike Zoom Vomero.

High Arch

High arches leave the smallest footprint and have almost no distinct connection between heel and forefoot. A high arch can be caused by suprination. When people don’t pronate enough, their feet tend to be overly arched and don’t absorb shock as well. The shoe I suggest is a shoe with lots of cushion. Essentially you need something that will disperse your shock absorption. The ideal shoes for this task is the Asics GEL Nimbus series (my favorite running shoe) and the Saucony ProGrid Jazz Series.

Flat Foot/Arch

Flat feeted people show a very prominent connection between heel and forefoot. Flat foot is caused by pronation and can also be the cause of many common injuries during running. Because of the lack of arch, shoes with high stability can be a good fit. The ideal shoes for this are Asics Evolution and the Brooks Addiction Walker.
So there you have it. Now you can go to your local big store and be well informed when purchasing your next running shoe(s). If your lazy, you can just go to your local running/shoe specialty store and get a consultation on what shoe is right for you. Now with this extra knowledge, go and run your heart out in the right shoe.
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