How To Find Vegan Friendly Beer

Vegan friendly beer is handy to know when drinking your favorite beer.  Fortunately, many Maine breweries pass the vegan test, according to Barnivore. I have many friends who are vegan who believe they are not allowed to drink beer. After strenuous research, I discovered that they can enjoy the liquid gold just as much as I can. But what does it mean for a craft beer to be vegan friendly? Why should you care? These are questions I will be answering.

I am not a vegan but learning what constitutes a vegan beer really peaks my interest. Sometimes breweries use animal products in the brewing process. There is even a rare process where a brewer will drop a whole chicken (scary).  So I would love to know if the beer in my hand is not made with any animal products.

Barnivore is a very extensive database that has liquor, wine, and beer. The site tells you if a brewery or winery are vegan friendly or not.

I live in Maine and love to drink Maine craft beer. Here are a few brews you can drink if you were vegan:

  • Peak Organic Brewing Company
  • Allagash Brewing Company
  • Baxter  Brewing Company
  • Atlantic Brewing Company
  • Sebago Brewing Company
  • Gearys Brewing Company
Vegan friendly beer never crossed my mind until I heard someone tell me they were not allowed to drink beer because they were vegan. That threw up a red flag in my mind. In this nation, everyone has the right to enjoy beer. That includes vegans and people with a gluten allergy. Gluten free beer and vegan friendly beer are definitely within reach!
With this new found vegan knowledge, I hope you will go out and try more beers. Just because you are vegan, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy beer like the rest of us.
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