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Flipping tires workout

Have you ever seen someone flip tires? It’s not just a cheap workout you can do in your backyard, tire flipping is a legitimate workout and can really increase your conditioning. Although tire flipping is a workout that looks extremely hard, if down right it can be far easier than expected. There are a few frequently asked questions that pertain to tire flipping and today I want to answer those questions.

How do I Find A Tire To Flip?

There are a few ways to find a tire to flip locally, it’s actually easier than you think. Some excavation sites have some of the bigger tires just lying around waiting to either give them away or pay to have them removed. Find those excavation yards and ask them if you can come down and take the tire off of their hands, I’m sure they will be happy to give it away.

You can also do a search locally on the internet. You can use local search websites such as and to find local businesses to contact and see if they know of any extra large tires that you can take off of their hands.

How Do I Flip A Tire?

There are a few techniques to flip a tire. I will go over one way to flip it.

1. Start in a 4-points position with the tire in front of you. Don’t try to deadlift the tire, this will most likely end up in eventually injuring your back in the process. The overall goal is to explode up without injuring yourself in the process.

Flipping a tire

2. Explode up with your legs and push your chest into the tire at a 45 degree angle. Don’t do the initial lifting with your arms. Use your hips to get that tire off the ground. Sometimes you may see athletes’ feet actually leave the ground.

3.  Now the tire is being moved upward, bring your body underneath the tire similar to a clean and snatch. Catch the tire with your arms after moving underneath and bench the tire away from you. AVOID curling the tire upward with your arms. The tire can be heavy and you can injure yourself with this movement.

strength training

4. Rinse and repeat.

One more repetition!

How Heavy Can A Tire Be?

Most of the big tires you find at 400 LB to 600 LB. This may sound extremely heavy, and it is. The way you are lifting it actually makes it quite lighter. You also have to keep in mind that you have to explode on every movement when flipping tires. This will ensure the 400-600 LB tire flip completely over.

While shopping around for a tire, actually try flipping it before bringing it home. You can get a taste of how heavy it can be and if you are physically ready to flip that tire multiple times.

 How Does Tire Flipping Benefit Me Physically?

Like other cross training movements, tire flipping is an explosive strength training that also brings an aerobic benefit to the exercise. Flipping tires can develop great functional strength that can really aid you in sports like Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, or just everyday fitness.

Now go out and try out tire flipping. You may see some amazing physical benefits.

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  1. Barry Starkey March 28, 2014 at 5:54 pm #

    I recently tried tire flipping. The tire I’m using still has large tread lugs on the edge. These tend to dig into my chest, shoulders and upper arms. It’s uncomfortable during the exercise and leaves bruises. Is this common or am I doing it wrong?

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