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Bull Jagger is a brewery that brews specialty lagers. Their first beer was brewed about 6 months ago called the Portland Lager. I was lucky enough for Bull Jagger to have me in their brewery to take a look at how they brew the Portland Lager and Baltic Porter. When I told them that I haven’t tried their Baltic Porter they instantly poured me an Allagash glass of it. They also poured me a glass of their Portland Lager, which they filtered the entire beer is to minimize the amount of yeast that makes it into the final product. That means I was the first consumer who has tried it so far. The NEW Portland Lager was just as smooth and delicious as the Baltic Porter. After the awe of their hospitality I was able to try the porter. Here are the stats:

Type: Baltic Porter
ABV: 8%
Color: Dark black color
Body: Full bodied porter.
Head: Cream colored head, thin.
Aroma: Sweet smell with hearty malts with roasted nutty notes. Almost molasses smell with a hint of coffee.
Taste: You can definitely taste the coffee and chocolate. Very malty but light throughout. Caramel with dark fruit.

Overall this is a fantastic porter. Since they brew it with lager yeast the flavor is not only traditionally dark-malty and coffee but it doesn’t pack that overpowering punch that porters sometimes have. The smell matched the taste exactly so all of my senses were very pleased to have experienced it. If you happen to come across this awesome Baltic Porter I highly suggest trying it.


Bull Jagger Beer

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