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Origin Comp 550 Gi

4th degree Black Belt Alexey Cruz

Today I want to venture into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Just recently I purchased a new Gi (uniform) from a local Maine company called Origins BJJ and today I want to review it for you.

It’s not that often that I get to try on a new gi, especially one as nice as this. So far I have a blue Sirius and a white Atama Gi to train as well as this new uniform. Origins Comp. 550 makes their gis fit very differently than any other gi I own. Here is my review.


The jacket on this gi is perfect. My Atama has a very short skirt to the jacket and the fold does not overlap as much. My Sirius gi has too much skirt with a bit of fold. Origins on the other hand, has the perfect skirt size with lots of overlap so it will be hard for you opponent to take your lapel out and use it against you.  You can certainly see where they added extra support for durability in the stitching .


Aside from the draw string being twice as long as it needed to be, the pants fit like a glove. The thick string with the double loops were perfect for comfort. You can see the extra support in the crotch region and the knees. Those areas are your most common breaking points in a pair of gi pants. The rip stop material is very light and durable overall.

This Origins BJJ Gi even included a free rash guard. The rash guard is a long sleeve breathable wicking shirt. It is very long with an elastic base to it so it will stay tucked into your gi or shorts (if you are doing nogi).

Overall this gi is the best gi I own. I love supporting local businesses so I had to buy from Origin.

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