The 2014 Perfect Beer Geek Gift Guide

What kind of gift would someone buy the craft beer obsessed person in their life? It’s a hard task when your trying to actually impress them with a thoughtful gift. Of course there’s always ‘the thought that counts’, which I’m a huge proponent of. I’m also very detail oriented and love getting the perfect gift […]


The Maine Brewers’ Guild Presents Beer School

Starting with the Freshmen Orientation during Portland Beer Week, The Maine Brewers’ Guild announced a new series of interactive and educational events called Beer School. This is a big movement in the making for the Maine beer industry. The Freshmen Orientation was comprised of 12 breweries that all started in 2014, AKA ‘The Freshmen’. Participants […]

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Portland Beer Week 2014 Round Up Part 1

Everyone is still currently recovering from the craziness that was Portland Beer Week. A week of 60+ events involving beer tasting, scavenger hunts, arm wrestling competitions, tap takeovers, bottle releases, and much more. The week was a whirlwind of awesome people and beers that blew my mind. I have to applaud the ingenuity of the […]

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Maine, Meet 21st Amendment Brewery

Starting just under a month ago 21st Amendment Brewery made its craft beer debut on the craft beer market. It’s the perfect fit because co-founder Nico Freccia spent his early years in Portland. They made a spectacular splash on the scene with a few release parties at The Great Lost Bear, Sonn’y and Nocturnem. Nico […]


Dempsey Challenge Wows Again

This year the Dempsey Challenge was held again in Lewison at Simard-Payne Memorial Park. On both Saturday and Sunday thousands of people gathered together to run, bike, and volunteer all in the name of The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hop and Healing. $1.3 million dollars and counting were raised this weekend from the participants. It […]

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