A New Maine Brewery That Only Barrel Ferments

Matt Mills and Chris Schofield have started a new brewery in Saco, Maine that are only doing barrel fermentation: Barreled Souls Brewing Company. Barreled Souls employs the Burton Union Brewing System for their fermentation. Invented in the 1830s, burton breweries would connect a series of barrels together through pipes that all ended up in a […]


Shipyard Is Turning 20 Years Old!

Maine’s biggest brewery is turning 20 years old today! Shipyard Brewing Company is celebrating the fact that they have been brewing beer for two decades now. A celebration that not many breweries have the luxury of having. Not only is Shipyard Maine’s largest brewery by volume but it’s also the 14th largest in the country. […]


The Inaugural Great Falls Beer Fest

A Beer Festival Is Coming To Lewiston! That’s right! Baxter Brewing Company is hosting the first annual Great Falls Beer Festival THIS SATURDAY! The festival includes 29 local and national breweries with different beers each. Of course like most beer festivals there is a VIP session with rare and unique craft beers (read: barrel aged, […]

Craft brew races portland maine

Portland Runs For The Beer!

Running and Beer? My two favorite things! Craft Brew Races makes it’s debut in Portland, Maine tomorrow May 24th! What is Craft Brew Races? It’s a 5K race followed up by a craft beer festival with local breweries in attendance. Unfortunately, the online registration is closed as of a few nights ago but you can […]

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